Dr. Kidd’s TV Ministry

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                  011 Dr. Kidd is now broadcasting every Friday night from Living Faith and every Sunday morning via Live Steam from Emmaus Baptist Church You may also download a free message to your computer by clicking the link below  Every Friday Evening at 8:30-9:00pm (EST) Dr. Kidd broadcasts from Living Faith on the TV and simultaneously on the Internet CLICK HERE TV Stations within a 200 mile radius of Knoxville, TN to Abingdon, VA visit WJZC  WEZK  WAGV  WLFG  WLFB ( Check local listings for channels in your area ) SUNDAY Morning at 12:00pm (EST) Dr. Kidd broadcasts live, via live stream, on the Internet from the pulpit of Emmaus Baptist Church 5842 Carters Valley Rd Mt. Carmel, TN Click here to download a message free “One Missed Call”